Our work covers client-side IT / Business Project and Change Management, with consultants who have a strong client focus, deep industry specialism and a proven track record in delivery.

We bring experience from a wide range of projects, from small quick assessments to major programmes, and industries.

Business Improvement & Change Management

Organisations continue to look to improve processes and adapt their operations to align their business to customer requirements and address economic / regulatory pressures. The fundamental requirements for any business improvement initiative to succeed are based on knowing what improvements can be achieved, understanding the benefits these can deliver and building the appropriate controls to manage the change. Whether change is driven from a technological, operational or even through an external force, effective management of the change process is geared towards achieving benefits.

Online Services

Your first engagement with a customer may well be via your website, so an online presence is important to the success of your business. We can provide email and web hosting, utilising industry leading services, with simple websites or templates from which you can start to develop as your business grows.

Use of specialist support takes the burden off subject matter experts and brings with it the benefit of experience learnt from similar projects. For more information on our Change Services or Online Servicing support please visit our company website:

Hellia Limited